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Shane Murphy is an American Camera Operator and Cooperate Video Producer. He has produced a wide variety of cooperate, industrial, and training videos for major companies from around the world. His work as a camera operator includes such clients as MTV, ESPN, and CBS.

He began his career at an early age in Dallas Texas working for a production company during University starting off as a production assistant. After a few months he proved himself as a highly regarded asset where he than was able to implement a new concept of cooperate broadcast graphics within the production company. Shane Murphy than begin creating and designing some very intriguing

motion title designs, bumpers, transitional inserts and introduction graphics for exclusive jewelry clients video productions and fashion shows gaining further success with current and potential clients. After his Bachelors degree in Graphic Design at Southwest Texas State University and Computer Science Degree at The Art Institute of Dallas, Shane Murphy was already building up an arsenal of clients as a freelancer with such companies as Allied Vaughn, Pavement Production, 2G Motion, and many within the Dallas Texas location. Following his determination to exceed he then found himself with a huge opportunity to join in his first prime time television studio at the CBS working on Walker Texas Ranger as 2nd Lead Graphic Designer. His career took off in television from there as Shane's drive to reinvent himself with new ideas and technology was being called in by professionals to shoot for them as a 2nd cameraman or 1st camera assistant for potential prime time reality shows like The Bravest, The Amazing Race, and Survivor.

At a later stage from wrapping up a few shows in Dallas Texas he then decided to push the envelope a bit further by making a move to South America "São Paulo Brazil". While making Brazil his new home after six months had already begun his first video production service for Macromedia Brasil, a top contender in the corporate world producing voice over production and video presentations. While more clients followed such as Alfavaca, Think Agencia, Lobo Multimedia and others, Shane Murphy was still able to find a way to work on
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other shows such as THE PRESEDENTS MAN, THE BRAVEST, and AMERICAN IDOL to name a few in the states.

In 2005 Shane Murphy made a new leap in his career by transitioning to Barcelona Spain where he was in charge as a freelance advisor for individuals in motorcycle accessories.

Currently Shane Murphy is residing in London United Kingdom where he is producing corporate videos for a borad range of companies along with producing high-end wedding films.


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