motion graphics

Set4film offers corporate visual solutions taken from a simple idea and delivering a stunning motion graphic that will for sure enhance your businesses creativity. Our motion graphics range from a veriaty of platforms from iPhone apps, web designs, webtv, Jumbotron, television, corporate events, bumpers, title sequences, motion backgrounds, and more – from start to finish we can create a look that best identifies with you and your brand.

We understand the importance of standing out and making yourself visible to your clients or customers, that's where Set4film shines by taking you to the next level with your next corporate event, kiosk centers, or video production.

By using the means of Motion Graphics our clients can enhance there capabilities in a number of ways with DVD and Blue-Ray menu designs, transitions, and Sub menus giving you that edge to keep your clients in the forefront.

  • Web interfaces graphics such as flash animations
  • Social media video graphics for such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc, etc
  • Motion graphics for lower thirds such as title graphics and location tags
  • Video introduction and outro motion graphics
  • Trasition designes
  • Interactive menu designs for DVD and other applications
  • 2K, 4K, and 5K capabilities
  • Kiosk Interface and template designs
  • Video installations for jumbo trons, and large formate screens
  • NTSC and Pal Broadcast formats

why hire set4film for graphics?

Saving time and additional costs
By hiring a professional you get it done right the first time while avoiding various expensive redo's. At Set4film we understand that time is money and handling time more effectively, develops a more creative outcome.
Delivering high quality designs
With a professional Designer at Set4film you can guarantee that your brand image and theme can be developed specifically catered around your company and company's services.
Bringing creativity to the table
We all know behind every great visual experience whether it is for the web, or video there is a mastermind behind each process. At Set4film we understand that our inventiveness and passion to create reflects on our clients needs.
Adapting easily and knowing the trends
In the ever-fast changing world, designs and trends change on an increasingly pace. At Set4film we understand that rolling with the trends is important for your companies success and by adapting to new ideas with the times consequently enables your customers to truly appreciate what you have to offer.